My Faith & My Church

This class is a Bible basics class.  It is the first part of what we think is the minimum that every adult Christian needs to understand and know.  In it Pastor Rick teaches four basic sections.

  1. Our problem…God’s solution (sin and grace)  & the Sacraments
  2. What the church does…Why the church does it
  3. The Bible & Becoming a Christian
  4. The Crown of Life structure

The class usually takes place every month on the first Saturday morning in Corona and usually every third month on the second Saturday morning or as needed in Beaumont.  It starts at 9 a.m. and ends at about 12 p.m.  If you would like to register for 101, please note so on the contact us form.  Please check the calendar for exact dates because usual and normal dates may move if they fall on a holiday weekend.



Reading my Bible and other good habits

Crown of Life 201 is second base in our core adult education curriculum.  Participants learn practical skills in Bible reading and study, the way to pray, the importance of fellowship and giving to God.  

Crown of Life 201 is offered about every third month on the second Saturday of the month in Corona or Beaumont.  If you’d like to register for 201, sign up either by using the contact us form or checking the box on the communication in the bulletin.



My Life of Service

Crown of Life 301 helps the participants understand better how God has uniquely equipped them for serving him and serving others.  We study what the Bible says about service, spiritual gifts and the place of heart willing to serve in the life of faith of a Christian.

As with the other core curriculum classes, this is a Saturday morning seminar and is offered about every third month on the second Saturday of the month.  When you register, we will note that and invite you to next upcoming class.