What can I expect in a Worship service?

Our worship services typically last an hour and the focus will always be Jesus and the Bible. Every Sunday expect to hear God’s Word convict you of your sin and then to proclaim your forgiveness. You will hear this message in the Bible readings, in the songs we sing, and in the sermon. Our sermons are meant to apply to your everyday life. They’re practical and filled with the comfort that only comes from Jesus. We have a variety of worship styles ranging from traditional liturgical worship with classic hymns and a piano to contemporary worship with guitars, drums and contemporary Christian music. No matter the worship style, expect to be edified in your faith and equipped for life.  


What should I wear?

When you visit Crown of Life, the very first thing we want you to know is it’s more than OK to relax. You can dress casually and comfortably if you’d like. You’ll feel right at home in jeans or shorts. On the other hand, if wearing a suit and tie seems to be the norm for you—bring it on! Don’t worry too much about your apparel, we are just happy to be able to tell you about Jesus.


What do you offer families with young kids?

No matter your family background size or age, we put a big emphasis on getting the family into the Word of God. At all our campuses we provide active and engaging kid’s ministry complete with Sunday School, nursery and all the amenities that enable your family to feel at home when worship. On a typical Sunday, school aged children sit with their parents for the first half of the service then are dismissed to Sunday school following the kids message. Feel free to keep your kids with you throughout the service or send them off to learn about Jesus in Sunday School. .


Will I be asked for money?

During our services we do take an offering. It is the way that we continue our work in the Inland Empire area, without it we could not carry that work out. Our offering is an opportunity to give back in love to God a portion of what he has generously given to us. You may contribute if you would like, but please do not feel obligated to do so.


What exactly is a Lutheran?

Lutheran history really begins with a man named Martin Luther. He was a German pastor in the 1500s who led a straying church back to God’s Word and the work of Jesus.

Though not all Lutherans are similar, we reflect what Luther taught and what the Bible teaches. We believe that people are born sinful, in other words people can’t help but do wrong and we need to be rescued from sin and wrongdoing. Jesus is that rescuer. He is given to us by God’s undeserved love for people. We come to know him through the Bible. We are saved only by faith in him. Lutherans are all about the problem of our sin and God’s solution to that problem. Historically, Lutheran teaching is summarized in the Lutheran Confessions.